Will the Patriots Make the Playoffs?

New England Football

Six weeks into the season, the Patriots are 2-4 and have no passing game. The Patriots added Cam Newton to be the starting quarterback, hoping he had more in his game after the Carolina Panthers moved on.

The Patriots offense is scoring just 19.2 points per game, a very different number from when Tom Brady was under center.

They’re getting just 365.2 total yards of offense with 155 of it coming on the ground and just over 200 in the air. Tom Brady was known for not turning the ball over and basically helping his defense out with a really solid starting field position for the defense.

Cam Newton and the Patriots haven’t done the same. We’ve seen plenty of turnovers and we’ve seen plenty of times where offenses are starting drives in much better field position.

The Patriots have stayed in games due to their defense. They’re allowing 23.8 points per game. But in reality, if the offense performed better, the defense would be too.

The Patriots, before their game against the Bills, have lost four of their last five games. It’s been a tough schedule but a schedule that many thought the Patriots would perform better in.

They’ve got losses to the 49ers, Broncos, Chiefs and Seahawks and a win over the Raiders in their last five. Those losses will be against at least three playoff teams but New England has yet to play the Ravens, Cardinals, Rams and Buffalo twice.

It’s more than likely that the Patriots will be underdogs in each one of these games. They’ve already got four losses and if you added five more, that’ll be nine losses.

Good luck making the postseason with nine losses. But the Patriots haven’t faced Buffalo yet. New England has destroyed Buffalo in recent memory. Let’s say the Patriots continue their success against against Buffalo and win both games on their schedule.


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